Planetary Systems

Planetary Systems

There are several classifications of solar systems: The 16 Core Systems, Member Systems, Allied Systems, Protected Systems, and Off-Limits (This means you!!) Systems.

Core Systems: This is a finite set of systems that includes the original creators of the GGA. No new systems can be added. These systems wield a great deal of power due to their hand in shaping the government and due simply to their comparative level of advancement. The “original 12” systems tend to quietly turn their noses up and the “new four.” But most other systems treat them all similarly.

Member Systems: These are planetary systems that have decided to formally join the GGA. They get to vote and everything! Actually, there are many benefits including sharing of technology, trade agreements, judicial protections, and set of agreed upon rights that cannot be infringed upon. To be a member, one much first have qualified to be offered membership (more on that later). They are required to uphold certain standards and membership can be revoked if they are found in violations. There is a probationary period of 25 years when first becoming a member. Probie planets are limited in their government participation, but still retain their rights and military protection.

Allied Systems: These planets have declined full membership for whatever reason but chose to become an ally. They are granted certain, diminished rights and protections with an agreement to abide by a code of conduct and to assist the GGA when called upon. Allied systems sometimes exist surrounded by member sectors. This puts them at a distinct disadvantage, however, the GGA seems to be pretty good about leaving them alone.

Protected Systems: When sentient life is discovered in a solar system, but is deemed not yet ready to be offered membership, it becomes a protected system. The rules for dealing with these systems are incredibly strict and only specifically sanctioned travel through them is permitted. These worlds are carefully monitored until they meet the preset criteria. When ready, they can opt to become a member or an ally.

Off-Limits Systems: The last type of solar system encompasses a number of different types. Some places in the galaxy are considered too dangerous for normal citizens. Buoy hazard beacons are placed to warn folks away from these areas. Only GGA sanctioned vessels are allowed into these areas. Another type of off limit system is one that refused membership and also an alliance. They are offered no protections or rights. GGA citizen are told to stay out of these areas since their safety cannot be guaranteed. While some simply want to be left in peace and have standing agreements with the GGA, many of these are considered Rogue Systems which are home to space pirates and other villainous types. These places are considered fair game for bounty hunters and military ships. They are generally lawless and dangerous places.

Unexplored: This last group isn’t so much a group as just space that hasn’t been mapped out yet. One the fringes of the galaxy are plenty of new systems just waiting to be discovered. Space Pirates, slavers and other ne’erdowells lurk in these areas, though, so it can be pretty

Planetary Systems

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