Grand Galactic Alliance

Grand Galactic Alliance

GGA Structure:

There are multiple heads to the Grand Galactic hydra, so to speak. Each arm of the government has very specific duties assigned to it, though there is some overlap.

Ministry of Defense and Exploration

  • System Level

    • Land

    • Interstellar

  • Intragalactic

    • Planetary

    • Space

  • Exploratory (Linked with office of First Contact)

  • Special Defense Operations

Ministry of Science and Technology
  • Research and Development

  • Military Contracts

  • Exploratory (Linked with office of First Contact)

  • Health and Development

  • Biology

  • Sociology

  • Archaeology and History

  • Architecture

  • Engineering

Ministry of Judicial Affairs
  • Courts

  • Law Enforcement

  • Chancellors

  • GGA Senate

Ministry of Interplanetary Affairs
  • Education and Cultural Development

  • Cultural Preservation

  • Dispute Resolution

  • Environmental Concerns

Ministry of First Contact
  • Membership Office

    • Membership Determination Office

    • Membership Determination Committee

  • Exploratory Office

  • Contact Law Office

    • Contact Law Enforcement

Grand Galactic Alliance

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