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  • Grand Galactic Alliance

    Grand Galactic Alliance

    GGA Structure:

    There are multiple heads to the Grand Galactic hydra, so to speak. Each arm of the government has very specific duties assigned to it, though there is some overlap. [[Ministry of Defense and …

  • Ministry of Defense and Exploration

    Ministry of Defense and Exploration (MDE)

    System Level Land Interstellar Intragalactic Planetary Space Exploratory (Linked with office of First Contact) Special Defense Operations The GGA resisted creating a military for …

  • Ministry of Science and Technology

    Ministry of Science and Technology (MST)

    There is very little mystery to this branch... in theory at least. The head is the Minister of Science. All science and technology groups get lumped under their auspices. The Minister is constantly …

  • Ministry of Judicial Affairs

    Ministry of Judicial Affairs (MJA)

    Courts Law Enforcement Presided over by the Minister of Courts, the Judicial Affairs branch does pretty much what you’d expect it to. The Intragalactic Courts are fairly complex and require some hefty …

  • Executive and Legislative Branches

    Executive and Legislative Branches

    Executive “Chancellors” (or whatever I’m going to call it) Legislative GGA Senate (or whatever I’m going to call it) This is not a ministry, per se, but contains all the august bodies that make laws …

  • Ministry of Interplanetary Affairs

    Ministry of Interplanetary Affairs (MIA)

    Education and Cultural Development Cultural Preservation Dispute Resolution Environmental Concerns This office serves as something of a catch all for anything involving intersystem relations. …

  • Ministry of First Contact

    Ministry of First Contact (MFC)

    Membership Office Membership Determination Office Membership Determination Committee Exploratory Office Contact Law Office Contact Law Enforcement This is considered to be one of the most …

  • Core Systems

    Core Systems

    [[Hub Galaxia]] - Capital of the GGA Eden - Human homeworld Glavnia - Glavnian homeworld

  • Hub Galaxia

    Hub Galaxia

    The center of the GGA is Hub Galaxia, a planet near the center of the galaxy that was chosen specifically for its location and because it’s system was uninhabited. The planet was terraformed and is heavily protected. It is home to …

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